Hidden deep in a valley of the Sierra Madres in Northern Mexico accessible only by the music stream you have found Alan's hideaway.




John Herbert Foulds (2 November 1880 – 25 April 1939) was an English cellist and composer of classical music. He was largely self-taught as a composer, and belongs to the figures of the English Musical Renaissance.

ALAN'S HIDEAWAY "Episode 001"


A montage of music and memories from the 20th century by broadcaster R. Alan Campbell.

CONCERT CAMEO "Robert Farnon"

Robert Joseph Farnon CM (24 July 1917 – 23 April 2005) was a Canadian born composer, conductor, musical arranger and trumpet player. As well as being a composer of light original works for orchestra.

CONCERT CAMEO "Ronald Binge"


Ronald Binge (15 July 1910 – 6 September 1979) “Much admired for his delightful Elizabethan Serenade and Sailing By"

, Binge was a composer of innovative light music.




A Great Scott Station WPAZ AM Pottstown in Suburban Philadelphia PA. June 8, 1971. R Alan Campbell covering an air shift for Herb Scott who needed a cover DJ for his vacationing afternoon man. The station, which signed on in 1951, was originally owned by the Scott Family, and later, their subsidiary, Great Scott Broadcasting, Inc. Over time, WPAZ became the "flagship station" for Great Scott Broadcasting, as corporate operations for its expanding group were handled out of the station's Maugers Mill Road studio location. During the period that Herb and Faye Scott owned the company, WPAZ was one of its strongest properties, despite the station's status as a daytime-only station for much of its existence. WPAZ was a typical full-service station of its time, boasting music, local news and high school sports, local talk shows, church services, and remote broadcasts. Music formats varied from adult contemporary, oldies and adult standards. Following Herb Scott's death in 1984, the company gradually shifted its focus from AM to FM by selling its properties in Ohio and western Pennsylvania, and acquiring signals in the Delmarva area. GSB corporate functions were later moved to Delaware after son Mitchell Scott assumed control of the stations after the turn of the 21st century. Nonetheless, WPAZ remained a part of Great Scott's portfolio. WPAZ ceased operations on December 10, 2009, due to lack of sufficient revenue as Great Scott citing a focus on its other, more-profitable stations. Faye Scott died November 7, 2010. In 1971 the station was in the process of moving from it's High Street location to "The Lodge" being constructed at the transmitter site on Maugers Mill Road. Aircheck features hourly Mutual newscast with veteran announcer Del Sharbutt. (Photo) Del Sharbutt (February 16, 1912 - April 26, 2002) was an American radio announcer. WIKIPEDIA



Classical music host R Alan Campbell, (WFLN,KHPR) worked a summer schedule in 1995 for WFCC-FM the classical station Cape Cod. This hour is from May.

CONCERT CAMEO "Frederic Bayco"



Frederic Bayco, sometimes spelt Fredric Bayco (1913 – 1970) was an English organist and composer of light music, best known for his Tudor pastiche "Elizabethan Masque"