Hidden deep in a valley of the Sierra Madres in Northern Mexico accessible only by the music stream you have found Alan's hideaway.

easy radio network POP VOCALS

ALAN'S HIDEAWAY "Episode 04"


A mixed bag of Alan's favorite selections from his library secured at a Mexican hideaway in the Sierra Madre's. A collection from the 1940's to today. Classical, Easy Listening, Broadway, Soundtracks, Soft Rock and humor on records.

ALAN's HIDEAWAY "Episode 003"



Alan brings back middle of the road music from the mid 20th century by Perry Como, Doris Day, Linda Ronstadt and Bill and Laura Purcell. Also comedy from Abbott and Costello and contemporary new age sound of Richard Souther. Plus some instrumental favorites from Alan's hideaway record collection.

ALAN'S HIDEAWAY "Episode 002"


On his syndicated radio show from the 1980's. Alan brings us music from his personal library of hits from the mid 20th century. A few Broadway classics and some big hits from the 1970's on this episode. Songs by Polly Bergen, Richard Kiley, Linda Ronstadt, Matt Monro and others.




John Herbert Foulds (2 November 1880 – 25 April 1939) was an English cellist and composer of classical music. He was largely self-taught as a composer, and belongs to the figures of the English Musical Renaissance.

ALAN'S HIDEAWAY "Episode 001"


A montage of music and memories from the 20th century by broadcaster R. Alan Campbell.

CONCERT CAMEO "Robert Farnon"

Robert Joseph Farnon CM (24 July 1917 – 23 April 2005) was a Canadian born composer, conductor, musical arranger and trumpet player. As well as being a composer of light original works for orchestra.

CONCERT CAMEO "Ronald Binge"


Ronald Binge (15 July 1910 – 6 September 1979) “Much admired for his delightful Elizabethan Serenade and Sailing By"

, Binge was a composer of innovative light music.